The July, 2017 Scrip balance is 7,101.24. This means we have over $8,000 to go to be able to replace the front Parish Hall windows. It has taken 2 ½ years to reach this $7,000. The problem we have is lack of participation. In July we had 14 orders. I expected July to be small because of the picnic on our order date. However our average has only been 18 orders a month.
The Scrip Program is a way to support this project without you spending any extra money! Please look over the order sheet, is there somewhere you shop? Groceries, gas, car wash, home improvement, fast food, restaurants, Amazon, Macy’s Target, Starbucks, Petes, the list goes on and on. Please let me know what it would take for you to support this program! – Betty Folmsbee (

SCRIP Order Form