Anglican Temperament

Anglicans believe the truth can be found in exploring the creative tension between opposites. For example, we affirm both the sacred and the secular, the material and the spiritual, the mind and the heart, glory and intimacy.

We Anglicans tend not to be “black and white” in our thinking. We affirm the ambiguity of personal experience and the breadth of human life. Through our history, which has often been bloody, we have learnt to tolerate differing opinions of the spiritual journey.

Anglicans believe in good scholarship, going back to the original sources and valuing a questing and questioning faith. We search for wisdom in many places and encourage people to listen to each other and bring their honest questions to their life journey.

Anglicans are at home in the world of poetry, image, symbol, story-telling, ritual, and art. Although we have always resisted the temptation to align ourselves with the dogmas of either wing of the Church Universal, we have had many great theologians who have influenced world events.

Anglicans believe that beauty, in all its fullness, is a doorway to truth, goodness, and God.

Anglicans avoid extremes, believing that a godly life is one that is both inwardly graceful and ordered and outwardly serving and responsible.

Perhaps through our Celtic origins, Anglicans have a reverence for nature and its rhythms. We are not above the created order, but very much a part of its delicate and intricate balance.

Anglicans believe that Christian life has political implications and that civic life is both a legitimate and important place for our faith to be expressed.