News and Events

Spring Tea


Saturday, May 9 1:00 - 3:00 p.m.   Come join us for our Spring Tea including Entertainment and a Raffle. Tickets $5 per person. Age 6 & under free.   … [Read more...]

Help Wanted

coffee cup

Please apply by contacting Bob Rose We need servers, greeters, and kitchen helpers for St. Paul's Place Two hours, once a month on Thursdays Thanks in advance for joining us! Carol Barstow "Have we got a deal for you" "Try it- You'll like it!" "Just Do It!" … [Read more...]

Rummage Sale

Help us raise money for St. Paul’s and our programs! We have ways for everyone to help. St. Paul’s Rummage Sale is on the calendar for  Friday and Saturday, August 14–15, as part of the McLoughlin Neighborhood Sale weekend. Refreshments will also be sold. Carol Barstow and Nancy Doherty will be managing the kitchen.  Even those items that don’t sell will go to programs that … [Read more...]

Want to Study Spanish with the Bishop?

Bishop Michael Hanley has helped put together the opportunity for a two-week course of language and cultural study in the Diocese of Cuernavaca, Mexico, August 15–29, and clergy and laity of the Diocese of Oregon are invited to join in. The Bishop and his wife Marla will be traveling to Cuernavaca at the beginning of August. Bishop Hanley will be participating in the program … [Read more...]

Backpacking on April 20

Don’t miss it! No, not backpacking in the woods—but another low-key, come-as-you-are “Backpack Hour” to benefit Backpack Buddies, at the Highcliffe, 7th and Washington, on Monday, April 20, from 6:00–7:00pm (and stay longer if you wish). Bring friends! Join us for fellowship and refreshments—order snacks or dinner  if you wish. There will be a free pitcher or two of beverages … [Read more...]