All are welcome!

Hi, we’re so very glad that you’re visiting St. Paul’s Website. Thank you for taking some time to learn about us; we look forward to learning about you.

St. Paul’s was founded in 1851 near the falls of the Willamette River in Oregon City. Since that time, generations of people have sought solace, inspiration, and community in this sacred space.

We are not the perfect church, we are not perfect people, we have our bright sides and our edges . . . but we endeavor each and every week to seek God’s will for our church and our personal lives. We know that the only way to become more loving and more graceful is to bask in the love and grace of God.

I firmly believe that you will find a place of love and acceptance here as we all have.

St. Paul’s is a place where our spiritual nature is nurtured in a loving community. We affirm that the greatest force in the universe is the power of self-giving love as seen in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ: a love that is inclusive, ever abundant, and meant to be expressed through our actions in the world.

We invite you to St. Paul’s, where no part of you needs to be left at the door.

Please know that wherever you come from and wherever you are in your journey of faith . . . YOU ARE WELCOME HERE. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Much Peace and Many Blessings,
The people of St Pauls