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There is an old saying that goes: “There are two things you can’t do alone: get married and be a Christian.”

While someone can be a very holy and evolved being, a great teacher and leader, Christianity, like marriage, is a community affair.

The structure for our coming together as a thing we call “Church” in the Episcopal Tradition is laid out for us in the Book of Common Prayer (BCP) and by working with our Bishop, the Rt. Rev. Michael Hanley. These two guide the form and options of our common worship, and then our own parish leaders, especially Canon Linda, guide us week to week by making choices and crafting opportunities to locate our common worship in the actual and specific life of this part of Clackamas County.

In this way Church is always both local and universal, personal and communal, reflecting the Abba God revealed by Jesus – eternal, beyond history, yet caring for every person, (even the hairs on their heads,) and every sparrow every day.

This balance is reflected in the three forms of prayer and worship in which we are all invited to participate: Personal prayer, the Daily Office, and Holy Communion.